Wealth Management Manchester Jobs

Looking for jobs in Manchester? Come and join one of the most prosperous firms in the whole of Manchester!

We manage a considerable amount of wealth for a wide variety of clients. The solution we provide to our clients are brilliantly bespoke, so no two accounts are handled the same way. This is because our clients all have different short and long term goals. The firm has been run successfully for so long because we’ve adapted to our clients’ goals and changing lifestyles with them over the last 15 years.

Over a decade of working with mostly the same clients has given us an excellent track record to showcase, with a loyal client base that trusts our expert advice.

Why would you want to join?

Other than the excellent experience you’ll pick up at our wealth management firm in Manchester, our team loves working here. For such an important job, handling massive sums of money, we keep the work place motivating with pockets of fun when needed. We’re serious by nature here but know how to keep the team happy and fulfilled at work.

Should you just want to make a relatively short term stay here as a capital wealth management worker in Manchester, you could use the experience to springboard into another group in say, London.

Which jobs do you have available?

  • An equilibrium asset management opportunity
  • Position open for a qualified chartered wealth management graduate from Manchester or nearby
  • Position open for an investment management position for a graduate from Manchester or nearby
  • A secretary position

Apply by either emailing your CV to us or calling us. We can have a conversation about your experience and skills then take it from there. You could drop in by the office to give your CV. We can’t promise any of the chartered wealth management professionals will have time there and then to chat, though. However, it will probably give a good impression if you come and show your face.

If you want a careers in capital management – please be from Manchester as it will make it far easier for you to get to the office as well as meet clients. Sometimes we visit clients where it is more convenient for them, so it helps if you’re central to areas like Manchester and Preston. It might also be worth checking over at Chartered Wealth Management Bury Ltd for any positions if we don’t have the job position you were after. We are certain that we are a top wealth management company in Manchester, but the chartered wealth management ltd firm in Bury is also respectable and getting a position there would certainly be good for your career.

job application documents for Manchester wealth management position