Manchester Asset Management is all about handling assets that generate our clients income using their own amassed wealth. We take our clients’ money and put it into surefire assets that generate and sustain wealth for decades. We know this because we have been doing exactly this for the last 15 years.

Real estate

Much like the ever popular MCM real estate services, we use a lot of real estate within our asset and capital management service based here in Manchester. Manchester is a great hub of many great real investments that we have acquired over the years with the help of our clients and partners.

When investing capital into our Manchester AUM based real estate funds, you have multiple options – management will always discuss this with you when you’re ready to grow your money.

So, you can either look to put money directly into our fund, which consists of houses and flats that already generate income, or you can partner up with us in looking for new deals for you. The way our clients usually pay us for these services is a tiny percentage of an agreed figure. It’s usually the cash flow the property generates annually dispersed however best for you.


Cash flow generating real estate is what we find to be the best assets for a lot of our clients. People come to us for security and longevity. This goes for all clients, even those that are ready to risk more. All the real estate we have under asset management is purchased in key locations that will either stay at inflation level incremental increases in value, or they will substantially increase in value. We don’t invest into properties that will ever decrease in value in bad areas of Manchester. We go for the prime locations that have a high occupancy rate that will generate monthly cash flow for decades to come.

For any real estate we and our clients invest capital into, the goal is to always get the best locations in Manchester, be cash flowing from day one (high occupancy rates) and for the building to be able to increase in value over the long term. A client might invest £500,000 into a real estate property with us and be paid every month for 10 years at around £5,000-£10,000 a month, then in 10 years when the property has doubled in value, we can pay our client back the £500,000, plus another £300,000 and refinance the deal to keep the monthly cash flow coming in. We take finances seriously at our wealth management firm in Manchester. The Manchester Explorer Fund does something similar with their real estate as do mcm real estate services as described earlier on this page. These are example numbers but you get the picture of what we do here.

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