Investment Management Manchester

Our company is one of the top investment management firms in all of Manchester. We are a chartered wealth management firm, trusted by our client base which we have grown over the last 15 years. We can be found in the centre of Manchester at our office but we are happy to visit clients when required.

Although investment management is our specialism, 15 years serving as a financial advisor has seen us lend our hand to other sectors in the same sphere. We offer financial planning as a service as well as retirement planning.

Both of these services are necessary for almost everyone alive. Everyone needs a financial plan (whether through our company or simply created themselves) and everyone needs a plan for retirement, or at least a time when income will be less easily created.

So that is our service in a tiny nutshell.

One thing is for sure, our clients come to us to grow their finances, maybe even multiply them and some come to us to protect the wealth they have created. We cater to all three needs; those that want to steadily grow their money, those that want to double down in putting their money to work and those that want to conserve everything they have with very little risk attached.

Which are you within these categories?

Whichever you are, we can show you case studies of people in similar (no two situations are ever identical) situations to you.

Thankfully, after being established for over a decade, we have these case studies and can show you the thought process behind the plan, how things developed with the client and what we did throughout the process to reach their goals.

Almost every client we’ve ever had that was going to be on a long term basis has stayed with us thanks to our adaptive and receptive approach. We are keen to understand what you need in accordance to how your life is going and the twists and turns it’s making. Your finances, goals, and life situations change all the time, so we have been excellent at adapting with these changes alongside our clients.

Get in touch if you want to see/hear about any case studies which might be similar to you. You might call us with £100,000 of ‘disposable’ income and not know what to do with it.

Are you minimising the tax you are paying on the £100,000? Do you know how to grow the £100,000? Are you aware of how inflation will effect your £100,000 over the next 5-10 years plus? So you want to leave some of your money in a will, have you set this up correctly? Do you know how much tax you will be paying when you leave this money behind? You’re going to invest the money, do you know which investment fund/strategy will be best depending on your tolerance of risk, the state of your income and your unique situation?

These are all questions that most people approach us to answer for them when managing their wealth. It’s absolutely fine to have these questions and problems. You’ve been busy learning and earning your way to that amount – you probably didn’t get there through investing.

That’s why we’re the answer when you finally have that large sum of money you want to do something with. We HAVE been in the investment market for the last 15 years, having put our client’s money and our own money in a multitude of different ventures.

It’s no shame to come to us if you have all those questions listed above. Pass on a task like managing wealth to a company that has made managing wealth it’s business for over a decade.

We know how to minimise tax, maximise investment efforts and do it all without it costing you much time. We also manage your wealth so that it’s inline with your goals and where you’re going in life.

We are taking people like you who have this sum of money and don’t know what to do with it – and making it work for them to create more money/income, minimising tax damage, protecting the money, all while our clients barely have to get involved and use any of their precious time.

How do I pay for your services?

We aren’t like other chartered wealth management Manchester companies that we have one way of charging for their services. We offer a plethora of payment options with one goal in mind: using whichever makes the most sense for you.

We need our clients to do well and part of you doing well is paying in the way that makes the most sense for you. For some clients, paying upfront wouldn’t make sense, but paying a small annual fee of the wealth under management makes a lot more sense. It all comes down to where you are with your finances currently, where you’re trying to get to and how to get the most out of us at the same time.

We’ve said it before on this site – we don’t cost our clients anything. Our Manchester based capital and wealth management company has virtually made every single client much more money than when they first came to us.

There’s no comparison in trying to manage wealth yourself compared to hiring professionals that know how to minimise tax, are working with investment portfolios every single day of the week (for 15 years) and can focus on this alone.

Charter wealth management is imperative if you have amassed wealth and now don’t know what to do with it – we recently took a client in Preston that would have lost millions if it wasn’t for some tax minimisation techniques we put his wealth through. mistakes can easily be made when dealing with large sums of money as there are so many rules regulations and, again, taxes.

The Investment Management Process

Initial consultation

First, let’s meet to find out more about you, your life and your current financial situation. The more we can understand about your past, your present and where you want to be, the best we can align you with the most appropriate investment techniques for you. We can show you case studies of people similar to you where our chartered investment strategies have helped other companies and people in Manchester thrive.

Your individual requirements are going to be different to everyone else. You have different goals and different ways you want to get there.

So, we’ll discuss your short and long term goals to see how we can best get you to these destinations. It’s also important to converse about what sort of investments make the most sense for you at this stage.

Perhaps it’s a low risk, low expected return investment. Perhaps you want to start looking at real estate and really acquire hard assets. Either way, we find all this out and offer you case studies of previous successes during this phase.

Investment discussion

After we’ve got to grips with where your financial position is and where you’re trying to take it, we’ll go away and look at your best options in terms of investment options. We’ll select between investing into assets, like real estate, fixed interest investment and the stock market. Depending on your unique situation will depend how we spread your money across these different areas and or if we should diversify heavily or not at all.

After looking at the asset allocation, we can look at the investment selection. Plenty of hours each day are spent looking at investment funds to see what would work best for our clients. Our investment team is always onto to this. Heavy research, vetting and testing is what we use to determine where we should be putting our clients’ money.

We treat your money like our money because, if we simply lose everyone’s money in rubbish investments, we won’t have any clients and our 15 years creating our name in Manchester as a trusted, chartered investment manager will be ruined. We rarely ever lose a client, especially a client that comes to us with long term goals in mind, so this is a testament to our sound investment choices. These choices are bespoke to each client and you can expect the same thing depending on the long and short term goals we discuss.

Start the investments

When you and we are happy with the investment we have ready to start implementing on, we can get to work in starting them. There will be a fair amount of paperwork to take care of at this stage, but we want to take all leg work out for you, so don’t worry about having to do anything at this stage. We can set everything in motion and keep you updated if we require your authentication for anything.


After implementing the investment strategy, we’ll be keeping a keen eye to see how things are progressing. As mentioned earlier in the website, something we have done extremely well over the years is adapt and change strategies as we go along with our clients. This is not always necessary, but it can be. Our clients have trusted us to reallocate funds and make changes and needed along the way in order for us to get their investments back to making a good return.

A bespoke service

And that is essentially our service. We simply wanted to give an overview of what we’re doing for clients that visit our website for getting in touch.

Please be aware that our service is wonderfully bespoke. If you don’t want to come to our office, no problem, we can visit you. If you have particular wants and needs, excellent, we will adapt our approach to suit these. Want to make big, risky investments? We’ve done it in the past and we use our own money in volatile markets. Want to look at real estate? Let’s go and view some properties.

We want to be the partners you turn to when you think of finances. Like we mentioned at the top of the page, we also have financial planners and retirement planners here at the office to deal with more needs than simply wealth management alone.

Why try and tackle the quagmire that is the economic and financial markets alone when you can hire a local, chartered wealth management (and financial planner/advisor) firm in Manchester just like ours? There’s no reason!

We simply grow, multiply and protect people’s wealth they have generated usually over years of hard work. We have 15 years experience of making our clients’ money thrive. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t still be in business.

Please get in touch to find out more about the service and how you can get your wealth managed so that it thrives for you, rather than being worried about how it will sustain itself!


Want a job at a prosperous wealth management and equilibrium asset management firm in Manchester? We might be the right place for you to come to.

Although we aren’t currently actively looking for new employees, we always welcome greatness. There are certainly careers for anyone interested in capital management and is living in Manchester. We need our team to be great and great people can always find ways of moving the company forward.

We would you require to have experience in some form of financial advisory firm, be that specialising in tax, pensions, mortgages, equilibrium stockists or actually having previous experience in equilibrium wealth management.

Or, we would consider looking at people that are fresh out of university and are looking to start a career with a top firm from Manchester.

For those of you that have neither of the above, you will have to be particularly great if we are to consider you for a position.

Why would you want to work at our chartered investment management firm?

There are X reasons. Firstly, you will enjoy each day’s varied occurrences as we have a diverse range of clients with varied needs that change all the time. We’re constantly adapting and changing with the economic climate, so your role will change year after year, even if specialising in something like equilibrium wealth management for anyone in the UK.

Secondly, the salary for an investment manager is very respectable in today’s job market. You have to earn your keep, but your keep will be worth the reward if maintained.

And thirdly, our team enjoy working for the company. We treat the team with respect and care, trying to make the work place as enjoyable and motivating as possible. As a group, we have to work together in our base in Manchester working with capital, investments, assets and so on for our clients. So, keeping the team motivated and happy is vital to us as it will also result in happy clients.

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