Investing… In Yourself

Much of what we do, talk about and advise our clients on is all proper financial advice surrounding the key areas related to finances. These are subjects like mortgages, pensions, financial plans, investments and the rest. Today we wanted to talk about investments but not in the traditional sense. We are your wealth management in Manchester but understand that you can never lose by investing in yourself. It’s a very important topic.

This type of investment is extremely traditional but not in the sense that an advisor would be hired to give guidance on it. As we are not being hired for this advice and we have free reign to write about topics we see fit on this website – let’s talk about investing in yourself.

Again, if you came to us to speak about investing we would be looking at how we can use the money you want to invest and increase it over time. This article is just meant to be a fun thought experiment about the things you could be doing to improve yourself.

We all know that a better self would lead to better all-round results in our lives.

As we are highly interested in finances – let’s look at investments you can make into yourself which will see your money and income increase. That is what we all want from an investment and there is no reason that investments in yourself cannot achieve the same effects.

So, let’s have a look at some things you can do to invest in yourself which will improve your financial capabilities.


Yes, challenges. This article is not going to be sunflowers and rainbows. In a lot of cases making money is not straightforward and you will have to do things other people are not willing to do. A great way of kicking off this list is challenges. What do we mean by challenges? Well, things that increase your discipline. Again, making money requires you to do things others don’t want to do. This requires discipline.

Challenges, especially difficult challenges, build discipline. An example of a challenge could be something as simple as giving up sugar and treats for lent or it could be a year long hiatus from social media. Whatever the challenge is, go for something you find difficult that will force you to build more discipline. Even better if you can tie the challenge into your finances. For example, you could look at your bank statement three times a day and spend an hour mapping out your financial roadmap every Sunday evening for an hour over the next 4 months. Fun? Not really. Useful and discipline building? Absolutely. Cost? Nothing other than time!

Benefits you can expect:

– Learning to manage time more efficiently.

– Confidence in setting out to doing something and completing it.

– A lent without sugar, a year without social media and or a stronger grasp of your finances and your financial direction.

– Be more willing to do things you do not want to do (working overtime, getting up earlier for work, starting a side business and so on)


People that are skilled get paid. This is a bit of a blanket statement as your skill needs to be valuable – so people with valuable, high in demand skills get paid. If you work as a salesman but have never taken a training course, do you think you are maximising your time at work? You will be at work anyway – so why not make each day, hour and minute count for more? Or you might be in the computer/IT space. Do you know everything about your position? What do the people in your company that get paid more than you know what you don’t? Is there a computer language you could spend an hour learning a day? Are there any excellent courses out there that you can pay for and learn from?

Benefits you would get:

– Earn more money for each hour invested into your work.

– Become more confident in your abilities and therefore yourself.

– Have more stability/power within your position (whether your own business or as an employee) as your value rises.

– Open new doors.


When was the last time you went to an invent that had loads of people that would be of interest to you? We mean this in a working sense. So, let’s say you’re an architect for a company but have always wanted to have your own side projects. When was the last time you spent a weekend at a convention with people who might have projects you can work on? If you want to work on high end hotels, when was the last time you went to an event with high end hotel property developers? This would be the place to meet new clients for new side projects! You can come up with similar examples for loads of different scenarios here for all different industries.

What you could gain:

– New work opportunities with your targeted audience.

– Meeting new people that open your eyes to new ways of thinking.

– The chance to get out of your comfort zone.

– More options meaning more stability and choice in daily life.

There are so many other ways you can invest in yourself other than what is described above. These are just some of the key ways that you can improve yourself in terms of making more money. Working on other parts of yourself definitely won’t hurt as these things often tie in together. For example, if you included a fitness regime this could give you more clarity of thought and therefore better decision making.

Basically, investing in yourself is never going to be a waste of money and most if not all of the things above can be done effectively in under £1,000. The benefits could be worth a whole lot more to you one day. When that time comes where you have increased your income and raised the money – speak to us about investing that money to multiply it over time. Or if you’re ready now – get in touch with our team! Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from all of you when the time is right.





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