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Looking for a wealth management company in Manchester?

Manchester has a rich industrial heritage, which brings a booming local economy and enormous wealth. There has always been a place for our wealth management services in Manchester.

MYAwealthmanagement.co.uk was created 15 years ago with one key objective in mind – to grow and multiply our clients’ money.

After having over a decade carrying out this service, the results have been phenomenal. We have retained 95% of our clients and delivered on increasing and multiplying virtually all of our clients’ money.

We’ve done this through offering bespoke solutions to our clients’ unique financial problems. No two financial situations are ever the same – so the best wealth management company is going to be the company that bests understands what the client is trying to achieve and acting accordingly to match these goals.

Speak to MYAwealthmanagement.co.uk if you want to speak to the best wealth management company in Manchester.

Whether you’re looking to start a real estate venture, invest your money into multiple ventures or make excellent tax savings, we should be your first port of call for all financial advice related to wealth management.

Why would you need a financial advisor?

Amassing wealth is one thing. Knowing how to handle the wealth you have built is a different question entirely. We have plenty of clients from Manchester that are busy running successful businesses and want to continue doing that – they don’t know how to manage the wealth they have amassed.

If you’re a successful person that has created a lot of income and made a lot of money, don’t feel embarrassed to approach our wealth management firm or any other.

You are obviously an expert at creating income, building businesses and so on. We are the experts at managing wealth.

With hundreds of years in combined industry experience in investment management Manchester, dealing with funds, capital, real estate and tax minimisation – you can trust us with your wealth to help you reach your goals and carry on with the things you do best.

There’s no doubt you could probably also do a great job of doing something with your wealth – be that investing in businesses, property or some other form of asset. However, you and most other people that have amassed wealth have a long, long list of people and things they need to see to on a daily basis. So that’s another benefit of our service – it’s one less thing you have to think about. You don’t have to become a financial expert in managing wealth, companies like us exist so that you don’t have to use your precious time learning what we already know. You have the wealth, so it makes sense to buy experts’ time.

The team

Our trusted team of wealth management managers are split into departments of their specialities. The departments range from asset management, real estate investment, general investments, tax specialists and financial planners.

Splitting our team into departments allows each team to flourish at what they specialise in. Sure, there is some crossover when necessary, but we want specialists here at the team. Without specialism is average and the last thing we would ever deliver to a client that has trusted us with large sums of money is average. Average can never create large sums of money and average will never multiply or increase large sums of money.

How do you price your services?

Many other companies have one way of pricing. Either they offer a fee based service, or they offer a non-independent advisory approach where investment companies pay them if they can get their clients to sign up to certain investment options. Or, they opt to take a small percentage fee of the wealth you put forward…

We have not limited ourselves to simply one option in the way you pay for our services.

Our motto for the way you pay us is: whichever makes the most sense for you. We need our clients to be successful in order for the company to continue to thrive. Thriving clients means a thriving company. So for some clients it makes a lot of sense to pay a small percentage to us annually of the wealth they put forward. This would normally be less than 1%.

For other clients a fee based service where you pay us for our time might make a lot more sense. If we only offered the annual percentage style service, we could risk losing this other client even though we could have made their wealth work for them too.

We don’t want to risk losing clients and want the best for all our clients. Again, if we can do well for you, it will only benefit us either through the money you pay us, the percentage we take from the grown wealth we’ve created for you, or the recommendation you pass to a colleague after seeing consistent financial gains since joining up with us.

So just get in touch to see what might be best for you and what you’re trying to achieve. We won’t know until we discuss with you in detail about your financial vision.

The Process

Our excellent process is where the success starts. Without our comprehensive process, we’re certain that we wouldn’t be in the excellent position we are in now. Our process is all about getting the best results, specifically the best results for you.

We know that everyone approaches a wealth management firm like ours to increase and multiply their money – but to what extent and how much risk is different from client to client. In fact, no two clients will ever be the same, so anything but an extremely bespoke service won’t be good enough. If any Manchester based capital management firm offers you anything but a bespoke service, run to the hills. Or preferably, to us!

Initial meeting

The initial meeting is for you and us to meet to see if your financial plans align with the results we’ve had in the past. You need to feel us out and see if we can deliver the kind of goals you have in the future.

This meeting also gives us an idea of your wealth and how we might move forward if you did select our firm.

We can also begin to talk about figures and introduce how we would look to charge you depending on the services that would be most beneficial to you.

Of course, we don’t see our service charge as costing you anything as we focus on a positive ROI for all of our clients. Quite the contrary to our services costing you money, we see our service as a cost to anyone that decides not to use them! Especially if we’re confident we can help your particular situation.

When discussing terms, we won’t use any jargon and will make it clear from the get go what we’re all getting out of the deal and  trying to achieve.

First consultation 

The first consultation is all about finding about your wealth, how you acquired it, what you want to do with it and that your plans are for the future. We need to know everything if we’re to align our service with your goals and where you want to be in the future. No two financial situations are identical so it’s imperative you tell us everything you can that is relevant.

You can confide in us your income problems, what’s stopping you from getting to the next level and any other financial problems you’re facing. After all, you’re hiring a wealth management firm to take your wealth to that next level.

We can also act as your financial advisors at this point, giving advice on income, savings, tax and any other financial issues you’re dealing with currently.

Please just bring any tax documentation with you from the last few years and any other significant financial records. These could include insurance policies, wills, property portfolios, bank statements and anything else that will help to clarify your financial position.

Planning consultation

After getting details we need from the first consultation, we will require some time to create a plan of action depending on your personal goals. We have different ideas coming to us every week. Some people’s goals are to triple their net worth in just a few years, some people say they just want to focus on maintaining what they have at minimum risk. So, we have to go away and think long and hard about the very best strategy to grow or maintain your wealth depending on what you’ve approached us about.

Once we’ve figured out a strong plan, we’ll hold a planning consultation where we run you through our ideas and expected outcomes according to your future goals and plans.

We can go over everything so you have a clear vision of how things will progress from month to month and year after year depending on the conclusions we’ve come up with.

This is the final consultation before you and we start to implement the plan. If anything isn’t quite right at this stage, or if you’ve changed your mind about anything, we can go over that and make sure everything is in order by the time we implement the plan.


Implementation is about setting everything in motion. Whatever was previously agreed within the planning and consultation meetings will begin. This could be setting investments live, looking at real estate options, planning for tax deductions and so on. We’ll keep you informed with all progress we’re making.

Don’t worry about paperwork or anything like that – we’ll sort everything out that will take any considerable amount of time.

Ongoing meetings

As the plan develops, we can have meetings every couple of months or as you need them. This allows us to recap where we are with things, if we’re on track and if anything needs altering as we’re developing.

Questions we get asked as a chartered wealth management firm in Manchester…

“Can you recommend any other chartered wealth management firms in Manchester?”

We will always put ourselves forward as the best firm to choose in Manchester. We know how we operate every day and have total trust in our level of service and what we do for our clients’ wealth. However, if you did want to consider other options, that’s understandable. Not everyone wants to hire the first company they read about, so you could check out some other companies as followed.

We would rather point you towards worthy rivals as opposed to letting you get involved with ‘cowboy’ style advisors that might not have your best interests at heart. These companies are at least reputable in the area. We can accept that there are multiple successful companies out there, not just us!

First is the Manchester Capital Group. We haven’t had many personal dealigns with them, but from what we hear, we hear positive things. The Manchester capital group llc are certainly large and will be able to take on and manage large amounts of wealth if that’s what you have. You could contact Manchester capital management through their number, or their Linkedin is active from what we can see.

Another company you could have a look at is mcm real estate services if you want to go down the real estate route. Real estate is something we massively advocate at the company a

Please don’t get capital wealth management firms in Manchester confused with companies in Charlottesville, Manchester. Charlottesville is in America and probably won’t be able to provide you with the support you need from across seas!

“Do you have any wealth management jobs available in Manchester?”

We want a quality team here. We are always looking for quality people to join the team, even if we are not directly advertising to the financial market that we’re employing. However, if you do want a job as an asset management or wealth management position in Manchester, we will look at C.V’s and see if you’re suitable for the company.

Why would you want to join the company? Well, we’re certainly one of the top wealth, asset and capital management companies in Manchester, with millions in finances and assets under management. We are one of the highest capital under management companies in Manchester for sure.

This means there is a lot of projects, departments and strategies being worked on every day for you to learn from and develop your skills through.

You need to be experienced in the wealth management sector or at least have graduated in a finance related course to be able to develop through our company. We will train you first if you don’t have the necessary skills to get involved with the wealth management projects. This is fine though. As mentioned, we want to take on greatness. If you show signs of being able to achieve greatness, we are happy to train you on the skills you’ll need to be a success at the company.

“Do you offer more services than just wealth management?”

Wealth management, investing, real estate and maximising taxes are what we specialise in. We do have members on the team that do financial planning for our clients as wealth management often overlaps with financial advisory services. We have no problem in offering this as a service as we have a deep understanding of the mortgage and pension market alike. Then wealth management is all about growing and multiplying money – something that every financial plan has to consider.

Another consideration with financial advisers is that they try to save your money, too. So although we don’t advertise our company as independent financial advisors, we offer a financial advisory service as good as anyone else’s in Manchester. Just get in touch if you would like to use any of our skilled team for a suitable financial plan.

Wealth management calculations in Manchester

We think we’re one of the best for a few reasons. Firstly, we have a massive sum of money and assets under management. A company can only reach our levels by providing consistent high level results and case studies of what we’ve achieved. Working for a wealth management company from Manchester like ours will give you knowledge that will be hard to replicate. Not just anyone can gather this many funds under management and therefore variety of ongoing projects.

If you’re looking for other management companies, be this to work for or to hire their services, you could look at the Manchester Capital Group. The Manchester Capital Group has plenty of management careers for people that want to join a large firm in an investment position. We know of the Manchester Capital group but don’t necessarily know all about them. They have a good reputation and could be worth considering if you want a career in investing and wealth management.

If you want to hire the Manchester Capital Group Kluge, again, as far as we’re aware, they are a good company. They control plenty of finances and have lots of assets under management. We wouldn’t want you to go to a rubbish company if you didn’t want to choose ours for whichever reason. As a result, you could check with the Manchester capital management to see if they are right for you – not to be confused with the company in Charlottesville located out of the UK.

Want to look at wealth management jobs in Manchester?

We have a range of jobs going at the moment. You could become an equilibrium stockist, a secretary or if you’re a chartered wealth management graduate AUM from either Manchester, Preston or you live in the area – there are positions for you too. The last positions that needs filling is for an investment management graduate – again, it would help if you have graduated from Manchester or have relocated here.

Either way, get in contact if you would like to consider joining the team. We have quite a few positions available and will always consider someone that is great. The team is an exciting and growing place to work. The company is growing, the assets under management are always growing and we need great people to continue this process.

We want to grow our clients’ assets and finances. As a result, our team are always growing as individuals. You can expect to leave the company as a more useful person to the market place than when you came.

what our wealth management firm in manchester does

MYAwealthmanagement.co.uk is interested in growing and multiplying our clients’ wealth. We do this through a variety of techniques. Some clients have steady investment stocks that protect the wealth they have grown, ensuring that their money isn’t devoured by taxes and financial mishaps.

Some clients run successful businesses with seemingly endless cash flow that want to invest and multiply their money through hard assets like real estate. Some clients want to steadily increase their income across decades without much risk involved as they’re done worrying about money.

We have a service for all these ‘extremes’ and can service anyone in between.

This is why we enjoy our roles. We get to work with all different clients in Manchester through our management programs, creating long term, successful relationships that opens opportunities for us and our clients alike.

So far, the journey has been enjoyable and successful. We’re looking forward to the next line of chartered wealth management employees joining the team and for the next decade and a half.


Something we’ve been extremely successful in for our clients is diversifying our investments. Investing into multiple avenues protects our clients’ wealth from each avenue’s volatility. Although there is volatility in all investments, there are so many factors influencing the volatility of the investments that, the more spread out they are, the less risk there is overall.

We split our clients’ wealth between assets and investments. Assets include stocks and real estate. Real estate investing with us can mean a multitude of different things. We have set funds that our clients can invest into or we can look with our clients so that they can acquire their own portfolios. The kinds of investments we make are cash flow positive, in excellent locations that will only increase in value over time.

We are one of the wealth management companies in Manchester that are interested in making excellent investment decisions for our clients. Real estate is one of these because of our excellent selection of real estate and experience in the market. Combine this with the unbelievable tax benefits of real estate, and we make for an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest their wealth.

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